Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Square Mile

   Around the block out here on the prairie is a four mile trek. It took me almost a year to venture so far on foot. The varied scenery which extends far beyond a square mile is well worth the walk. My photography skills are nowhere equal to the beauty of it, but here are a few glimpses. This morning I went first west then north, east, south, then west again. The pictures are in order, but I didn't always point the camera the direction I was walking.

Starting down the driveway, going north:

Looking behind me at the sunrise:

Hoff Lutheran in Heimdal, a little town just to my north.

Almost home.
Our house is nestled in the trees on the left.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!!! What a great idea for a post!! I love the dirt roads and the flat fields of the mid-west, the broken-down house, the corn field, and the rolls of hay. The only thing that is wrong, is that I would love to have taken the walk with you!! :-)

  2. Beautiful Pictures mom. I'm impressed. The land is scenery is beautiful and I did not know you were so talented with the camera. When you told me the other day that you posted pictures I was confused cuz I did not see any on facebook. I keep forgetting that you have a blog. oops. Well I'm catching up now. Love you.

  3. Beautiful post! My dad was from North Dakota and we spent most family vacations there. Your pictures brought back some great memories!