Tuesday, October 11, 2011


   I live on the old Obed Larson place.  It's about 13 miles from Harvey, 10 from Fessenden, less than 60 from my old home town of Rugby, and just over a mile from Heimdal.

   From Highway 1 Heimdal looks like a larger-than-normal shelter belt:

but when you drive inside the clump of trees, you find a quaint, well-cared-for little town.  

There are no business or services left in the town besides the grain elevator, but there is a community hall, 

a Lutheran church,

and an old-fashioned park,

with remnants from the past:

   The people of Heimdal are friendly.  One invited me in for BLT's and a chat.  It turns out she and her husband moved here (his home town) from the Seattle area.  They knew Obed Larson, and they are glad someone lives in the house.

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  1. I love how for YEARS homes are known by the homesteader's names. We lived on the Edwin Olson place in Langdon. It was recently bought by another unrelated Olson, so the natives are happy it's still the "Olson Farm." Less confusing that way.