Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little Tale from Harmony

by Harmony Conjurske

I told a little tale
About a certain one,
Yet really not the same,
To make it sound more fun.

I didn't realize 
I said what wasn't true,
And little did I know 
Of what my words might do.

My friend, she told it too,
A bit more talented,
Not careful to repeat
The words that I had said.

And then my friends told friends,
Each one in their own way.
The story quickly changed,
As told from day to day.

To change a thought or phrase,
Or add another word --
They didn't think to say
Exactly what they heard.

And then I heard it too,
As it came back to me.
Yet nothing now the same,
And, oh, so differently!

I listened with great shame,
As my friends were very bold.
There was no truth at all
In the story I once told.

Wholehearted Home Wednesdays

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Dark and a Bright Side

   In my previous reading of Cowper's letters, I seem to have overlooked this interesting quotation:

   "Every scene of life has two sides, a dark and a bright one; and the mind that has an equal mixture of melancholy and vivacity is best of all qualified for the contemplation of either: it can be lively without levity, and pensive without dejection."

~ William Cowper, in a letter to Mr. Unwin
 concerning Cowper's neighbor, William Bull


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Who Never Changes

The often changing circumstances of life and death force us to turn from the gifts to the Giver. His gifts change, but He never does.

No Shadow of Turning

Each person has his sorrows
    And knows his heart’s own grief,
But sometimes in a fellow
    We gain a slight relief.
We find a kindred spirit,
    And don’t feel quite alone,
And thank the One great Giver
    Whose love thereby is shown.

But life is always changing,
    And comforts rarely last.
They come and stay a season
    That all too soon is past.
And every earthly friendship,
    The deepest and most blessed,
So fraught with human weakness,
    Is temporal at best.

But God is always constant.
    He doesn’t turn or shift.
In Him there is no shadow,
    Though changed may be His gift.
In all the varied seasons
    He sends us from above,
His faithfulness won’t waver
    And we can trust His love.

Nita Brainard