Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little Tale from Harmony

by Harmony Conjurske

I told a little tale
About a certain one,
Yet really not the same,
To make it sound more fun.

I didn't realize 
I said what wasn't true,
And little did I know 
Of what my words might do.

My friend, she told it too,
A bit more talented,
Not careful to repeat
The words that I had said.

And then my friends told friends,
Each one in their own way.
The story quickly changed,
As told from day to day.

To change a thought or phrase,
Or add another word --
They didn't think to say
Exactly what they heard.

And then I heard it too,
As it came back to me.
Yet nothing now the same,
And, oh, so differently!

I listened with great shame,
As my friends were very bold.
There was no truth at all
In the story I once told.

Wholehearted Home Wednesdays

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I like this poem so very much!! I see you have a poetical influence on your friends. This is a sad truth that we all need to beware of. It is too easy to recount a happening...I usually tell it about myself and I sure make it sound more fun than it was when it actually happened. If we are telling our story about someone else, we need to be ever-so-careful and probably not tell the story at all!!

    I have been sorely missing you, Nita, so it was so sweet to find you linked up with me last week over at WholeHearted Home Wednesdays. I hope to hear from you soon.