Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Give and Take

True friendship involves give and take.

But what is giving and what is taking? 

Between friends giving is taking and taking is giving

I take a chunk of your time to give you a part of myself.

When you take a chunk of my time, you give me your confidence.

You take my confidence when you give me your secret, and you give me your trust when you ask me to give you something.

When you give me your ear, you are taking my heart. And when I give you a listening ear, I am taking in who you are. 

Unless you take my love, you don't truly give me yours.

If you don't take anything from me, you may give me charity or sympathy ~ but not friendship.

  Whole Hearted Home


  1. How true! Thanks.

  2. Ah...giving is taking...something that I truly enjoyed doing the past month with you!! I am so late, late, late in reading your post. I slipped off the blogisphere to enjoy my family...but I am back to enjoy your friendship and blog :-) Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home (last month!)

  3. Something to think about...
    I like that last line.