Thursday, January 30, 2014

Strong Meat Casserole

My husband calls me a queen of leftovers. He used to tease that I bought my groceries in the left-over isle at the grocery store. But he also admits that the casseroles I concoct out of leftovers are sometimes as good as the original meal.

This past weekend I attended a conference called "Strong Meat." I took home a few of the morsels preached by Al Bulow and threw them in my crock pot. After they had cooked a little and I had stirred them a few times, I pulled this out:

Food in Egypt

Ah, yes, there's food in Egypt,
   But what will be the cost?
What troubles will you find there?
   What virtue may be lost?

For no one goes to Egypt 
   But that he has to pay.
It costs a man to eat there,
   However short the stay.

When Joseph during famine,
   Earth's food supply controlled,
It wasn't free for taking ~
   No,every grain was sold.

And thus the starved Egyptians
   Were brought to servitude.
They gave their lands and cattle,
   Then sold themselves for food.

And even Joseph's brothers,
   Who came to him for bread,
Left children under bondage
   Long after they were fed.

The land is dry in Egypt
   Where rain does not abound,
And those who till and water
   Look down to work the ground.

Not so the Land of Promise
   Where God has set His eye.
He rains His blessings on it
   In bounty from the sky.

So, ye who thirst and hunger,
   Look up, and taste, and see:
The bread that comes from heaven,
   The living bread is free.