Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrestling Jacob

      Left Alone
         Wrestling Jacob
            Genesis 32:24-31

Left alone as night draws on,
Left alone — but not to sleep —
All my earthly comforts gone,
Left a lonesome watch to keep.

Left alone to think my thoughts,
Feel my heartbeat, weigh my fears,
Reconsider schemes and plots
I’ve accomplished o’er the years.

Left alone where mem’ry haunts —
Voices echo through the hills,
Calling back and forth their taunts,
Recollecting former ills.

Where are now God’s promises?
Where’s the ladder to the sky?
Where’s the hope that God will bless
Such a wretched man as I?

Left alone — but not alone —
An intruder comes to fight,
Challenging what strength I own,
Wrestling with me through the night.

He who knows my failing frame
Wrestled till the break of day,
Touched my thigh and asked my name —
His He doesn’t need to say.

Left alone — oh blessed place!
Though by doubts and fears assailed,
God and I met face to face;
Met and fought till faith prevailed.

Now a prince with God and men,
Humbled, thankful, bold am I,
As the sun comes up again,
Halting on my wounded thigh.

Nita Brainard
December 11, 2012

Rainbow Park, Utah


  1. This was so encouraging! I loved the progression of "left alone" to "left alone - but not alone" is the progression of being in the Refiner's Fire.

    Sent this to a suffering friend this morning. Thanks for the blessing.

  2. Awesome!!!
    ... Well spoken.

  3. These are beautiful words and so is that picture in Utah!!