Friday, July 27, 2012

God's Choice

An old, broken vessel that no one can use
Is just such an instrument God says He’ll choose.
The weak and the foolish, cast off by the wise,
Are valued by God and esteemed in His eyes.
The standard by which He appraises our worth
Is not the one used by the men of the earth.

It’s not that He’s willing to take second best:
He really prefers what the worldly detest.
He chooses the poor and the crippled and blind,
Ignoring the glory of proud humankind,
The legs of a man and the strength of a horse,
And all the idolatry man may endorse.

In these the Creator takes no real delight,
For faith is the thing which is great in His sight,
And those who will fear Him and hope in His grace,
Regardless of what their condition or place,
Are pleasing to Him — and to them He is nigh.
He reckons them righteous and hears when they cry.

1 Corinthians 1, Psalm 147, Psalm 34

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