Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Narrow Way

The way indeed is narrow;
   The entrance to it strait.
Don’t think with wicked baggage
   To enter at the gate.
The heart of Christ our Savior
   Is big enough for all,
But He reserves the pathway
   For those who heed His call.

His call is self-denial;
   Repentance is His cry.
Before the promised comfort,
   He says that we must die.
No more allowed to wander,
   Like sheep who’ve gone astray,
He calls us to surrender,
   And walk the narrow way.

There is a way that’s broader,
   That doesn’t cramp your style,
And doesn’t make much difference
   ‘Tween holy things and vile;
And lots of people take it,
   Who do just as they please,
Without a thought or worry
   Of God and His decrees.

All kinds of speech and music
   Are welcome on that road —
And every fad and fashion,
   However base the mode.
Some travellers there are trying
   To make themselves look good,
But none of them has power
   To live the way they should.

Some folks there speak of Jesus,
   And even call Him “Lord,”
But when they stand before Him,
   Expecting a reward,
He’ll tell them they are sinners
   Whom He has never known,
And into outer darkness
   In anguish they’ll be thrown.

The narrow way is better,
   Where sins are left behind —
With all the forms and theories
   That please the carnal mind.
By leading of the Spirit,
   Our carnal notions cease;
And trusting in our Savior,
   We find all joy and peace.

Nita Brainard,  Harvey, ND, July 3, 2012

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  1. You write the best poetry. It is a style that I really, really like.