Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sacrifice of Praise

Due to distractions, I missed "Thankful Thursday" today, but it isn't too late to be thankful.

The Sacrifice of Praise

      Impossible it seems,
      Amidst my shattered dreams,
To break the power of discontent
To which my selfish soul is bent.

      And yet I make the choice
      In all things to rejoice;
To offer thanks in everything
And teach my weary heart to sing.

      It is my Lord’s command,
      And by His strength I stand,
So, even in my darkest days,
I make the sacrifice of praise.

      If I will but obey
      And cast my doubts away,
He always will the faith impart
To praise Him wholly from the heart.

      A sacrifice it is
      To bend my will to His,
But, oh, the peace and joy it pays
To make the sacrifice of praise!

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