Friday, April 22, 2011

Necessity, the Mother of Invention

   All need is relative.  Mommamindy thinks she needs a cape.  If she invents one, I'll know she really did need it.  When my mechanically-minded son Noah was a kid, he had a lot of needs ~ and a lot of inventions.  He would often come to me with great urgency, saying he had to have a ride to town now, so he could finish some extremely important project he was working on.  I would say, "We can't go now, but I'll take you tomorrow," or some such thing.  He'd go away a bit sulky, but come back in an hour, saying he didn't need to go to town at all.  He had figured out how to finish his project without the store-bought thing.

   I haven't invented it yet, but I need a button.  I wanted a cream-colored, rose-shaped one, and I was planning to run to a sewing shop to see if they had one.  But Lee's work schedule won't allow me to have the car at the right time of day until next Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait that long.

   I can walk to the grocery store and a thrift shop, but we don't have button stores on every corner, and even the "close" one isn't within walking distance. In this predicament, I noticed a picture of a felted bag with a wool rose button.  Revelation: Make my own!

   The little knotted rose in the picture is cute, but it is unfortunately not substantial enough to hold a book bag closed.  It gives me an idea, though, and inspiration.  I have an idea for how to make something stronger, and I'll share it with you if it works.

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