Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poverty, the Mother of Contentment

It isn't necessarily true.  Poverty isn't always the mother of contentment. Some people will tell you that it is actually the mother of discontent and all kinds of evil spring from it ~ though modern America is proof that throwing money at problems does not make people more content.

Everyone knows that money is not the key to happiness; that the spoiled child is the one who has everything yet is content with nothing; and that very often, the more you have, the more you want.  We've all heard stories about how our great grandparents appreciated the small things in life; how they enjoyed the orange they got for Christmas more than today's children enjoy their abundance of toys.

After writing about necessity being the mother of invention and poverty being the mother of necessity, these thought occurred to me this morning while eating breakfast.  We had homemade turkey sausage with our eggs ~ and neither Lee nor I was particularly pleased with it.  It was edible, but yucky.

My son Josiah has always told me that ground turkey was horrible.  I think he never believed I liked it.  We ate it a lot when the kids were little.  It seemed a necessity, and I honestly thought it was pretty good.  I really , really did.

For years now we have been eating pork sausage ~ sometimes store-bought, and sometimes ground pork spiced with the same recipe I used to make the turkey sausage.  But things have been tight since we moved, so when shopping the other day, we picked up some ground turkey.  Everything I've made with it has been eaten, but at each meal, Lee says, "There's something funny about this . . . . "  We've been spoiled.  We aren't content with ground turkey any more.  I guess we're not that poor.


  1. YOu know, I actually like turkey burgers!! Timothy was missing them from his childhood one day so i made them for lunch with biscuits instead of buns and they were so good, we did them a couple times after!~! Lydia

  2. I've been trying all kinds of burgers, from buffalo and turkey to bean and soy. Matt's fine with my experiments as long as they don't *replace* real beef and we have those every now and then. :)

  3. Have you trie4d mixing it with pork? half half really does fix the taste issues.