Monday, April 11, 2011

Rose Afghan in Black and Pink

A young man suggested that I make a black afghan with pink flowers.  I didn't care much for the idea, but for reasons too mysterious to explain, I made it anyway.  I found a vintage pattern at Karen's Variety:
But, as usual, I didn't follow the pattern.  I followed the chart for the rose (much too hard for me to do on my own,) but instead of making 15 of them, I made only 8, and added a border.  I also added random rosebuds to the plain squares.

Perhaps my friend will get this for a wedding present . . . if . . . .
Meanwhile it is on display at the Bee Hive in Spencer, Iowa.


  1. Wow, Dave's dear mom would have really appreciated the colors and flowers. This was the exact motif of her sitting room. (But now she is in heaven and that is of course more beautiful by far!). Love, Debbie