Friday, April 13, 2012

Poems for Dark Times

Hope in the Darkness
When all is black, there’s still a light
That makes the deepest valley bright;
There’s still a purpose to believe,
A Rock to which my soul can cleave.

When passion reigns, and reason flies,
And dark confusion clouds my eyes,
Through dim and blurry sight I see
One hope that yet remains to me.

Lord Jesus, You are there to give
The hope that feeds my will to live.
To honor You and give You praise
Is joy enough to fill my days.

When nothing else makes any sense,
You are my shield and sure defense.
When every earthly prop is gone,
You give the strength to carry on.

Light on the Inside
Though nothing looks the brighter;
    My path is still the same,
My God, I want to thank You
    And praise Your holy name.

 Dark clouds are all around me;
    No sign of light is here,
But in my heart I cherish
    The thought that You are near.

I don’t know if You’ll answer
     And give me all I ask,
But still I know You love me
    And in Your love I bask.

I cast myself upon You;
     I turn to You my face,
And so am I illumined
     In e’en the darkest place.

I cannot help but trust You,
    Though darkness still remains;
Your light is on the inside
    And fills my heart and reins.

Nita Brainard 2009

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  1. Your poems are always so special, speaking right to my heart. Thank you!!