Monday, April 9, 2012

Buttons and Bobbles

   Even if you only know how to cast-on you can "knit" these handy little discs. I have used them instead of a bobble to cover a button and so made a smaller version of my sturdy felt button.
   I also use them as a knob on a flap with a snap or velcro underneath.

   Or just to form a flower to decorate a bag.

   Both of my pictures show felted discs, but they can also be used without felting.

The method:

Using any yarn and a correspondingly sized needle, Cast on 12 -18 stitches. Then pull each stitch over the last stitch you cast on. (Start by pulling the second to last one over and work your way down the needle.) Cut your yarn and pull through the remaining stitch. You will have a circle with a pie shaped piece missing. Using the tail of yarn, sew up this pie shaped gap.  If the opening is too large to sew up neatly, try again with a couple more stitches. 

If you want a bigger disc, you can also knit one row before removing the stitches.

The blue discs in the picture above were made with Reynolds Lopi, size 13 needles and 16 stitches.

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