Monday, April 16, 2012

Owl Headband

    I'm on a headband kick right now. I haven't quite run out of wool for making felted cell phone bags, but I needed a change, and wanted some gifts. On my list is someone who I think might enjoy the owl cable, so borrowing from other free patterns, I developed this:

The back portion of the headband is worked in plain ribbing.

DK weight yarn
Size 3 needle, double points or small circular

CO 108 stitches. Join, being careful not to twist stitches.
Work 2 rounds in K1 P1 ribbing.
Work 2 rounds in Basic Pattern:: [K1, P1] 7 times, [P3, K8]  7 times, P3, [K1, P1] 7 times.
Work 1 round in Cable Pattern:   [K1, P1] 7 times, [P3, Cable 4b (Place 2 st on cable needle and place in back of work, K2 then K2 from cable.), Cable 4f (Place 2 st on cable needle and place in front of work, K2, then K2 from cable.] 7 times, P3,  [K1, P1] 7 times
Work 7 rounds in Basic Pattern
Work 1 round Cable Pattern
Work 1 round in Basic Pattern
Work 2 rounds Eye Pattern:  [K1, P1] 7 times, [P3, k1, P2, K2, P2, K1] 7 times, P3,  [K1, P1] 7 times.
Work 2 rounds Basic Pattern.
Work ! round Cable Pattern
Work 1 round Basic Pattern
Work 2 rounds ribbing.
Bind off in ribbing. Weave in yarn ends.

Using contrasting yarn, make french knots over the purl stitches that form the eyes.


  1. I love seeing the things you knit. It really makes me want to knit more than to just 'cast on!!' That is all that is on my knitting needles (I do have a pair!!)

  2. would be nice to see this from the front and identify the owl aspect

  3. The owls are the same all the way around, but hidden by my poor photography and the type of yarn used. You may see them better in the afghan which uses the same owl design.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. I'm going to knit up a few for xmas presents.

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