Monday, June 27, 2011

Mt. Ranier

Another beautiful day, and we went to Mt. Ranier.

We were very blessed.
 As we we climbed the mountain, the clouds dispersed.

When I stood with my back to Ranier (above), I saw this:

When we got to Paradise, the sky was clear:

 Looking the other way:

The trail we chose not to take this time:

Lee gazing at the mountain he summitted  years ago:

On the way back down we took a walk on a half mile trail at Longmire:

The Trail of the Shadows

A sucking fawn.

Mineral springs

Old mineral spring bathing area.

Cabin used by the Longmire Medicinal Hot Springs.

Inside the cabin to the left.

Inside the cabin to the right.

View of the meadow from the cabin.


  1. Beautiful pics, Nita. I can hardly wait to make the climb. Of course, I might be a little tempted to claim jump that piece of property with the cute little cabin on it...

  2. Beautiful, Mom! Looks like you and Dad had a great time there.

  3. My husband has climbed Mt. Ranier too, and loved it. He's climbs Mt Hood now and then, and St. Helens but Ranier was much more challenging for him.

  4. Really love those mountain pictures, they are beautiful!