Monday, July 11, 2011

The Rag Bag

   When I started cutting strips of fabric from an old dress, I was thinking it was a variation on "t-shirt yarn," and I told my husband I was making yarn.  He wasn't impressed and told me flatly, "I have a hard time calling that yarn.  It's rags.  You are knitting with rags."  I couldn't really argue.  And here is the
Rag Bag.

   When I cut the strips from my dress, I messed up and ended up with lots of short pieces that had to be tied together.  I knit a garter stitch base with two strands on size 17 needles.  Then I knit around and around on the same needles but just one strand of fabric and using a 4 row YO pattern (YO, K2tog on first row.  SSK, YO on the third.  K the even rows.)  When I was nearly out of fabric strips, I cut up a white t-shirt using these clever instructions. (T Shirt Yarn) I knit until I ran out of that, then put in a couple more rows of dress fabric, decreasing one in four stitches on the second to last row.  Then I threaded a piece of hem from the dress through the loops. That's it.

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