Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You

I thank you, I thank you, My Savior;
        I thank you for giving me grace.
I thank you for patience in suffering;
         And even for pain in its place.

I thank you for strength in my weakness;
         For power in Christ to abide;
For faith that in every temptation
         A way of escape you provide.

I thank you for every affliction
        That draws me yet closer to you.
I thank you for quiet assurance
         That safely you’ll carry me through.

I thank you for hearing the heart-cries
         Wrung out of a vessel so weak.
I thank you for offering wisdom
          To all who are willing to seek.

I thank you for love overflowing,
          I thank you for joy in my heart.
I thank you for glimpses of Jesus,
          Which coruage and vict’ry impart.

I thank you for present salvation;
          I thank you with all of my soul.
I thank you for giving your life-blood
          My sin-shattered heart to make whole.


  1. I love the lines "I thank you for glimpses of Jesus/Which courage and vict'ry impart!" How lovely to read gratitude expressed in verse!

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