Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flower Pattern

Flowers are a great project for using little scraps of yarn.

There are a number of flower patterns available online.  I thank Nezumi World for the ingenious idea of starting the petals on the outside end, and knitting the middle last.

I make a similar five petal flower but start it with a puffy center.

Nita's Flower

Any yarn and any size needle will work.  I used worsted weight wool and size 9 needles.

CO 3
Kfb in each stitch (6 st)
K garter stitch for 4 rows.
K2 tog across.
Don't BO. Cut long tail.
Thread yarn.  Run yarn through stitches and along all edges.  Tighten into a ball.  (This is similar to what you do at the top of a stocking hat.)  Knot yarn, weave in ends and cut. (If you aren't going to felt the flower, you can leave the ends for ties.)


Holding button-like center right side up, pick up 3 st along the edge.
PKP in each st. (9 st)
K across
Next row, and all wrong side rows until the last: Purl
On each K row, k2 tog each end until you have 3 st.
S1 P2 tog, PSSO, cut yarn and pull through.
Weave the end into the back side.

Pick up three more stitches along the edge of your puffy center, and repeat 4 times.

As you weave in the yarn ends at the base of the petals, sew the bottoms of the petals together so that they overlap slightly.

I felted mine, so it came out like this:

Then appliqued it to a purse:

Keeping It Simple


  1. I love the flower, it is adorable. I am amazed at how much felting changes the look. Beautiful job!

  2. I was looking for a simple, flat flower to add to my hats in many colors. This is it!! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the patterns. Loved them. Love ND too - born and bred.

  4. Thank you for the link and this flower pattern. LOVE it!

    1. Hi ya,just done two fantastic love it.Felted mine as well.Thank you!!!!��

  5. This is so delightful! My website published a link to your pattern in this post ( a few years ago. I'd like to update the post with some photos, and I wondered if you'd allow me to use one of yours? I'd credit you, of course. Thank you!