Wednesday, May 1, 2013


This knit apple was an accident. I was making a red ball, but as I stuffed it, I saw an apple. To make it, follow the pattern for Brent's sphere. I made the larger size and used Red Heart Super Saver yarn with size 4 needles, but you can make any size. Mine is 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 4" tall.

Stuff with fiber fill, leaving space at the top. After you sew the top together, draw your yarn downward and sew a knot in the bottom of the apple. Then tie a knot in a long strand of brown yarn, run it through the bottom near your red knot, and up to the top indent in the apple. At the top, cast three stitches on to a double point needle. Make an I-cord to desired length. Bind off the three stitches and run your yarn into the apple.


  1. This is lovely! So cute, and a great adaptation to the pattern.

  2. I bet the grandkids would love some fake food for play!