Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fancy Knit and Purl Patterns

Generally I prefer mindless knitting, but recently I have been experimenting with projects that require a little thinking.

Fancy Lozenge Pattern

This complicated knit and purl pattern isn't hard to knit as long as you know what row you are on and pay attention. Two other keys to help maintain sanity are:

1. Know which is the right side, and remember that you will always be working an odd row while on the right side. With other similar patterns, the right side may be on the even rows. Just remember which it is, and if you have trouble distinguishing, pin a large safety pin on the right side.

2. With this particular pattern, keep in mind that the your knits and purls will generally be offset by one. In other words, the two you knit on the last row, when they show up as purls on your next row, will not both be purled. Your pattern shifts with every row, so you know you are doing wrong if you are knitting the knits and purling the purls over any length of stitches.

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