Thursday, February 28, 2013

Resurrection Song

Oh, do you believe in my Savior?
      The One who arose from the grave?
You’ve heard of the man they call Jesus.
      Do you walk in His power to save?

You’re on the broad road to destruction,
      Deserving His judgement and wrath,
Until you embrace the Lord Jesus
       And enter the strait, narrow path.

He left all the glories of heaven
       And lived as a man among men.—
They hated, rejected, and killed Him,
      But He lives in His power again.

To those who by faith will receive Him
      He shares of His glory and might.
He seats them in heavenly places
      And gives them the strength to do right.

Don’t think that you’re His or you know Him
      If you don’t have power today.
There’s power through His resurrection —
      The power to trust and obey.

Nita Brainard
February 2013

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