Wednesday, October 10, 2012


   There's a huge difference between enduring wrong and doing wrong. Yes, wrong is wrong, but if someone wrongs me, I have done no wrong. Even if they habitually mistreat me, it isn't wrong for me to submit to it.*  If I die to myself daily, as the Scriptures tell me I must,+ I may submit to it joyfully, knowing my Father in heaven will reward me.^

   But doing wrong is another matter. It is never right to do wrong.

   It's not wrong to be wronged. It is wrong to do wrong. This sounds like a simplistic statement, but how often we are tempted to think otherwise! The world, the flesh, and the devil will all tell us it is wrong to be wronged, and that it is right to do wrong when it pleases someone we care about. Beware of this lie, and gird your loins with truth. Eph. 6:14

*1 Peter 2:20
+Luke 9:23
^1 Peter 4:19

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  1. Nita this is so simple and yet why do we find it so hard?! If we are 'wronged' it isn't long as we don't *do* wrong back!! The problem is, we are more than likely apt to do wrong in retaliation, rationalizing why it is alright to return evil for evil. You put this so clearly that I hope it is clarified in your reader's mind.

    Thank you for linking up over at Wholehearted Home this week. :-)