Monday, June 4, 2012

To Knit or Crochet?

   When people find out I knit, they frequently ask, "Oh, do you crochet, too?" often adding, "It's easier, you know." Ha! Easier? Perhaps if you haven't been knitting for 35 years or more, it is, but for me? I tried to crochet an afghan recently. The edge was so uneven that I finally decided that it would be easier to rip it up and knit one than to try to fix it. Before I finished ripping it up, I got a picture:

   The knitted one:

   Nonetheless, when a customer asked me to make Bonita Patterns' Crocodile Boots for his sister, I couldn't resist the challenge. It was a challenge, but they turned out well:


  1. The difference between the two blankets was hilarious. Yes, you are a very good knitter!

    The Crocodile Boots turned out so cute! Good job!

  2. I've just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. See the post here, with the details & links:

  3. I love the comparison between your crocheting and knitting!! Your crochet looks like mine (Hahahaha!!) and the knitting afgan looks gorgeous!! So do the Crocodile boots!! You are amazing to be able to do both!!

  4. When I have a little girl I want those boots!!!