Monday, May 7, 2012

Simply Soft and a One-Sleeved Baby Sweater

   I like my wool. I would be a fiber snob if I could afford it. Despite notorious penny pinching tendencies, I have always avoided using cheap acrylic yarns. Poverty has its humbling effects, however, and having been given a box of scrap yarn, I find myself piecing together the colors to make interesting and unique baby sweaters.
   A friend makes beautiful afghans out of Caron Simply Soft, and I decided I wanted to try it. When I saw a skein and a half of their Rose Garden ombre at a thrift shop, I snatched it up. The color reminded me of my daughter, and I thought it just enough yarn to make a little sweater for her baby. I chose a pattern that doesn't require a lot of yarn: Spring Baby Cardi To my surprise, I had enough left over to make a hat to go with it: Baby Sun Hat I modified the hat just a bit to match the sweater, and I was delighted ~ until I had finished the hat and went to sew up the sweater. Lo, and behold!

   I had put only one sleeve on the sweater! The hat is too cute to rip up, so I am about to order my first brand new skein of Simply Soft, hoping the dye lot won't be too far off. I do admit the yarn has a nice feel, and I'm seriously considering ordering enough of some other colors to make an afghan.


  1. What a funny story! I giggled, then was thankful she didn't have a one-armed baby, just a one-armed sweater.


  2. How funny!! Or how distressing a discovery!! I have been known to sew sleeves on you are not alone :-)