Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jesus vs. Religion ~ Grandma's Response

           Dedicated to Jubilee Song, a granddaughter  who was born the same day as this poem.   

          It’s Done

It’s done. It is finished — and done once for all —                 Heb. 10:10
The work of the cross that has torn down the wall;                Eph. 2:14
That satisfied justice and paid for our sin,                              Rom 3:25-26
And opened up heaven that all may go in.                               Col. 1:5; Rom. 5:18

None other but Jesus could do what he’s done;                      Acts 4:12
No one but the Saviour, who’s God’s only Son.                     Matt 3:17
Atonement for sin is from him and not you —                        Rom. 5:11
Yet he never said there was nothing to do.                              Matt. 4:44

The works of religion are empty and vain,                              Matt. 15:9, Heb. 6:1
And can’t help a sinner to be born again,                                Eph. 2:9
But works of obedience are fruit that we see                          1 Peter 1:2; Matt 12:33
In every believer whom Christ has made free.                         Rom. 8: 2-4

The power of Christ is the power to save;                              Rom. 1:16
To save men from sin, and not only the grave.                        Matt. 1:21
On all of his followers he places demands —                          Matt. 16:24
And gives them the strength to obey his commands.                Phil. 4:13

Of things that our Master has told us to do
In rhyme I will mention but only a few:
First, Come unto me for my burden is light.                           Matt 11: 28, 30
And learn of my ways, so you judge what is right.                 Matt. 11:29, John 7:24

Beware of false prophets, and don’t be a fake:                       Matt. 7:15; Matt. 6: 2, 5, 16
Be willing to give up your life for my sake.                            Mark 8:35
Don’t lay up your treasures on earth anymore,                       Matt. 6:19
But seek first the kingdom and give to the poor.                     Matt. 6:33; Matt. 19:21
Repent, be converted, forgive from your heart,                 Matt. 4:17, Matt. 18:3; Mark 11:25, Matt. 18:35
Cut off every sin, and from evil depart.                                  Matt. 5:30, 1 Peter 3:11
Go in at the gate and keep on in the way;                               Matt 7:13; Col 2:6
Have faith in your God, but take heed, watch and pray.          Mark 11:22; Mark 13:33

Continue in truth, and abide in the vine,                                John 8:31; John 15:4
So love one another, and let your light shine.                         John 13:34; Matt. 5:16
Go unto all nations the gospel to preach;                                Mark 16:15
The things I’ve commanded are things you should teach.         Matt. 28:20

To hear without doing is building on sand —                          Matt. 7:26
To hear and then do is the biblical stand,                                Matt. 7:24
So if you have ears that are able to hear —                             Matt. 11:15
Work out your salvation with trembling and fear.                     Phil. 2:12

Nita Brainard, January 15, 2012


  1. You are brilliant...so thoughtfully set. Such a unique way to share with someone who does not know Christ with the verse references at the side.

    And...you are so blessed with Jubilee Song!!

  2. wow I really really loved and appreciated this. Well done! thanks for the encouragement and congratulations on your newest little Blessing!

    1. Thank You. That's an encouragement to me.

  3. it was a great encouragement ..Thanks