Thursday, November 3, 2011


   Mommamindy's blog post  with a tract on gossip inspires me to post a poem I wrote a couple years ago. Mindy addressed speaking gossip.  My poem is about listening to it.


After I have listened
                        to gossip for an hour,
Vainly I imagine
                        that I’ve escaped its power.
Totally unconscious,
                        I drank in every word;
Soaked up all the passion
                        of everything I heard.
Thinking I’m impartial,
                        I never really dream
Someone I have honored
                        is losing my esteem.
Haven’t I intended
                        to vindicate my friend?
Haven’t I attempted
                        his motives to defend;
Spoken of his virtue,
                        and taken up his part?
Yet insinuations
                        were pressed upon my heart.
All I’ve said is nothing
                        but lame apology,
Not to be compared to
                        the vile effect on me.

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