Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

   Although we moved into a house I had never been inside of, and were helped to move by friends I hadn’t yet met, moving to Harvey, North Dakota feels like moving home. 

   They say life is a little slower out here.  Judging by how long it took to get the internet up and running, I would say so, but we are good to go.


  1. Love you and so glad you feel at home already! Wish you were next door so I could pop on in to see you. :) Sara

  2. Wooooooweee! So glad you are at peace and content in your new home! Give all of the saints a big hug from us. Are the sunflowers out yet? That was the best thing about living in ND--around the fall, the sunflowers were all out and beautiful! Thanks so much for saying HI on the blog. Facebook was killing me (time wise!) because I love everybody so much!

  3. Such a beautiful place to live!! You are truly blessed!!