Thursday, May 19, 2011

Felted Soap

I ran across a fascinating shop on Etsy recently.  Until I saw this, I had never heard of felted soap. It is homemade soap encased in a felt "washcloth". These are amazing and beautiful:

Felted SoapFelted SoapFelted Soap DragonflyFelted Soap
Sweet Nola's soap is reasonably priced for a gift or a special occasion.  (You can get me some, if you want.)

I am intrigued with this stuff, and I wanted to find out how it was made.  A quick internet search, brought up this tutorial for felting soap with children:
Felted Soap Tutorial
It looks so fun, that I had to post it for those of you with kids around. I may even try it myself.
To get from this to the really pretty ones at Sweet Nola is too much for me.  I'd rather knit. :-)

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  1. So pleased to be featured here!
    Felting is not so hard, ...kind of like fingerpainting, but "fuzzier"!... and fun!