Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sorting Needles

   I have felt knitting rolls to organize my straight needles and crochet hooks, but circular needles  are harder to store.

This may or may not look like an improvement over this:

But if feels like an improvement to me, as each needle is labeled, saving me having to get out my needle gauge when I want a circular needle.

   I was inspired to make this by a needle organizer I saw somewhere online that used wooden spools glued together in a fashion similar to my crocheted loops. At first I was going to sew loops in the ribbon, but my ribbon wasn't long enough. So, instead I crocheted chains of 10 stitches, joined and single crocheted around again. Then I sewed them on to the ribbon using both ends of the yarn. The main benefit of this design was that is gave me a purpose for some of the Red Heart yarn I invariably have on hand. It's not stretchy enough for knitting, but it is strong and unbreakable, so it is great for this project. The little plastic curtain rings I use for stitch markers would have worked, too, but I didn't think of that soon enough.


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    1. That would be so fun! You and Noah and Austin should come with Ezra next weekend!