Saturday, October 15, 2011

Warm Windows

   In North Dakota you think about insulation, R-factor, etc.,  and about every possible trick to keep warm in the winter.  A friend here showed me the warm windows she had made, using a specially designed padding that she admitted was rather pricey.  Another friend, who has learned thrift from poverty, suggested that I make my own padding by layering quilt batting with a thermal blanket ~ a truly excellent idea, but I chose an easier and even cheaper route that still provides some warmth.  I went to "the" thrift shop (a.k.a. The Fessenden Mall) and found a slightly used "Day Bed Set" for $8.00.  With a little cutting ans sewing I transformed the comforter, bed skirt, and one pillow sham into a rather bulky and unusual window treatment.  The set included three more pillow shams and two valences that could be made into summer curtains.  For now they are folded and awaiting a future creative impulse.

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  1. You need a comment after all the work that went into making these beautifully warm curtains!! I heard of this idea when my children were little. How pretty they are!!