Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Perfect Outfit

You may know that my search for the perfect pattern ended in making do with a good one.  I also have to make do without a photo, because I gave the sweater away without taking the time to get a good picture.  You will have to take my word that it turned out.

Now I need a perfect outfit for my son's wedding.  Normally I only dress casually.  Since I always wear a skirt or dress, I can get by with this in most situations.  But it was hinted to me that I should wear something appropriate to the wedding.

I happened to find a turquoise dress at a thrift shop that seemed a perfect "mother of the groom" thing ~ not at all a "Nita" thing, however, and I was more than a little relieved when it was too big.  The price tag was a bit of a deterrent  too.  The dress was new and certainly worth $30 ~ but $30 is a lot, considering my allowance.*

Then I went to Ross.  It's a great store with good things at discount prices, and I even found some to try on ~ but all were too short, or too tight, or too too ~ or all three.

Luckily, --- no, it wasn't luck. I had prayed about this, and it was confidence that God would provide that kept me from buying somethig that was "too too" (which is "make do" over done.) Providentially, I found something at another thrift shop.  It had a Wisconsin-style price tag (under $5).  It fits loosely, and it suits my idea of what I should wear to a wedding.  I can't promise it will fit the groom's idea of what his mother should wear, but he says I'm fine.  And I think if I can find (or make) a  pink sweater to dress it up a bit, I will be.

*(My allowance, for those who want to know, is this: No money, but whatever I spend without permission I get forgiven for.  Since I am the tightwad in the family, this works pretty well.)


  1. Glad you found a dress! I was just telling Grace about your wedding the other day. Seems it was just the other day we were planning your wedding...are you really old enough to be buying a mother of the groom dress? :)

  2. LOL, I loved your parenthetical statement at the end. Sounds like me at our house!

    I am so sorry I won't be there to see you in your dress. Seems like so long ago now that we saw you and the rest of the family at Lydia's wedding. Miss you.